ChatGPT Enterprise

ChatGPT was released to the public a couple of days before we created a policy for how engineers engage with the tool. I am 100% behind using any tools to solve problems and speed up delivery, but keeping possession of our Intellectual Property is also important. Even more important in the credit and collections industry it is critical that we safeguard personal information as much as humanly possible. Having data in Europe or UK the important, keeping on our own cloud services is ideal. There are some real challenges with compliance with channels like WhatsApp when they want to move data to the US.

It will be interesting to see how far Enterprise ChatGPT goes with addressing these concerns.

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Meetups and Engagement

Engaging with tech and business communities is important, engaging with the right communities is critical. As a tech leader it is important to balance technical knowledge with industry knowledge. Meetups are a great way to do this, at the moment my go-to group is the Nottingham Data Science and AI meetup which has a great mix of particle and theoretical AI workshops and talks.

I also spend some time on the Tech Nottingham and Irish Tech Community slack groups and have found CTO Craft group a great way to keep abreast of tech leadership trends and issues.

What are your go-to places for industry news and community?

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Generative AI: The Little Things

I know everyone and their dog has been talking about generative AI and all the exciting opportunities it offers. However, sometimes it’s the simple things that have the most profound impact. For me, Alexa was a game-changer when I could ask it how to spell a specific word.

Now, with tools like ChatGPT and Bard, I’m finding their proofreading capabilities to be incredibly helpful! Like many software engineers, the neurodivergence that aids me in building software also makes proofreading exceptionally challenging.

When I’ve written white papers or crucial proposals in the past, I’ve often had to meticulously go through the content line by line. I’d start from the bottom, working my way up, reading each line out loud three times to even come close to producing something error-free. Now, with so many tools at my disposal (including for this post!), I can simply paste my text into ChatGPT, kindly request a proofread, and off we go!

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Building a Strong Foundation for AI and Innovation: How to Herd Genius Cats

Companies seeking to build ethical and robust AI systems face immense challenges. Key among them is establishing an effective framework to guide development and deployment. This requires laying a strong foundation that promotes responsible innovation from the ground up.

According to industry thought leaders, a critical first step is assembling diverse, multidisciplinary teams. Different perspectives are crucial for identifying potential pitfalls and unintended consequences early on. Fostering a collaborative “herd genius” environment allows teams to tap into collective intelligence. It enables them to approach AI with nuance, foresight and care.

Structuring teams and workflows in an intentional way establishes the right cultural tone. This empowers teams to build human-centric AI systems that earn public trust. With a robust foundation in place, companies can innovate responsibly and help realize AI’s immense potential for good.

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