In a very subtle way, FigJam has radically transformed our approach to software planning. Special kudos to David Power, our Dev Experience Lead, who recognized its potential for R&D during a management course and championed its adoption. Figma has been a popular tool among UX and design teams for some time. FigJam, however, is a hybrid between Figma and tools like Visio or Lucidchart. What sets FigJam apart is its user experience, which is highly conducive to the free flow of ideas, making it particularly effective when groups of engineers are tackling complex problems. Its use of bright colors, stickers, and curved lines creates a more creative and friendly environment, avoiding the rigid, technical feel that can hinder idea generation by demanding perfection. While rigid diagrams are still necessary, especially for working through specific details and helping with compliance, FigJam strikes the perfect balance for planning stages.

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