“Amateurs talk about tactics; professionals study logistics”

“Amateurs talk about tactics; professionals study logistics” might be one of my favorite quotes despite no clear attribution to who may have said it. But as a CTO of a tech company trying to develop software for the Credit and Collections industry, it is a constant theme. From a strategic perspective, we dream of an automated assistant that works with creditors and the people they service to enable everyone to have the financing they need and to stay in control so their debt does not spiral. On a tactical basis, this means looking at the different maturity models for innovation in AI and messaging, this means building robust and modern RESTful APIs and WebApps that can be used to integrate the channels that our clients’ customers are on and to automate as much of those messages as possible. But logistically we have to work with what we have and recognize that different companies are at different stages of their digital journeys. This means making sure we can accommodate the use of SFTP where possible, being mindful that even the smallest interface changes can have a profound impact on call center productivity, and making sure that everything we do is aligned with the latest requirements in terms of the FCA, GDPR, and any other applicable regulatory framework. Every company needs a strategy, needs the tactics to implement that strategy, but the best strategy will always hang on the logistics!

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