When Life Goes Wrong

Life is unpredictable. Somewhere in the midst of 2015, the brilliant startup company I was part of turned out to be not so brilliant, and it fell apart. I had exhausted all my savings, and when the paychecks ceased, I spent three months supporting my family solely on credit cards. A promising opportunity emerged, contracts were drafted, but it never came to fruition. Then, another exciting chance in IoT presented itself. Just after they made an offer, but before anything was finalized, the company was acquired, and all hiring was halted.

Out of sheer necessity, I found myself working at a regional airline. This unexpected turn proved to be transformative, largely due to the incredible colleagues and mentorship I received (a special shoutout to Colin Lewis!). Additionally, we embarked on an extensive digital transformation, introducing a new website, check-in systems, and a revamped ticketing system. This experience provided me with a deep understanding of how airline ticketing systems operate.

From there, my career trajectory was swift. I evolved into roles such as a technical architect, product manager, and now, a CTO for product-based software. Throughout this journey, I constantly battled the nagging feeling that I wasn’t good enough, a sentiment rooted in the memory of the failed startup. There are profound lessons to be gleaned from failures, but even more significant lessons emerge when things go unexpectedly well. It’s crucial to resist doubting your worth and to understand that you’re as valid as anyone else. The true lesson lies in humility. If you believe you’re superior to everyone else, you inadvertently position yourself to feel inferior as well. The essence, I believe, is to trust that, like everyone else, you have a valuable contribution to make!

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